HCIBiz Quality Products

Our strong commitment to provide every Filipino family with innovative products has led us to expand our product lines from health and nutrition to a more diversified line of products that we believe are essential to the current lifestyle.  We offer better alternative products that are natural, safe to use, environment-friendly, economical and proven effective.  Across all products, our claims are rooted on the company’s mission to consistently promote health, beauty, strength and longevity to its users.


HCIBiz Business Opportunities

HCIBiz is committed in providing a business opportunity that stands on the ground of fairness and integrity.    We are serious with our commitment to provide quality products, dependable service and stable marketing plan.  The HCIBiz opportunity has a wide and strong market demand to support your business goals.  In HCIBiz we develop strong ties, remain committed and establish long term relationship.



HCIBiz Stockists Partners

Meet our dedicated partners who help us make HCIBiz products and services easily available in your locality.  You can visit them to make queries, avail our services, and transact business the way we do at the HCIBiz Office.





Welcome to HCIBiz Family


TOP Performers

HCIBiz gives due recognition to our partners’ contributions to its mission.  We celebrate their success not only in terms of material rewards.  In almost all HCIBiz publication including this website we always dedicate a space for their names.



Our product and business opportunity sharing programs are not limited to live audiences.  HCIBiz training package also makes use of mainstream and alternative media such as print, electronic, digital, and the web.


Incentive Programs

HCIBiz recognizes and rewards Top Performers who achieve and maintain its growth in business  through its Incentive Programs.


Elite Club

The Top Performing Empire and Imperial Diamond Leaders in HCIBiz who have shown unwavering spirit of dedicated service, compassion and focus on growing and achieving success in HCIBiz.

HCIBiz Inspirations

            Real Stories from

Real People…

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

– Winston S. Churchill



19th Year Anniversary

2023 Executive Convention

HCI 19TH Executive Convention
A 3-day activity headed by the company to celebrate the 19th year of good partnership. Attended by our Regional Business Coordinators (RBC), Elite Leaders and Stockists all over the country. The momentous event includes the NAB NTP Training Program, A Night of Gratitude, Yacht Experience, NTP Batch 2 Graduation, Awarding of Top Performers, Travel Qualifiers and Exemplary Distributors and Employees of 2022, Team Water Activities, Business Leadership Seminar and Taiwan Qualifiers send off.

Motivated People Only.

Business Building Seminar


Learn… Enjoy… Relax!

2023 Dubai Elite Travel Incentives

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