Business Building Leadership Seminar

An annual leadership seminar is conducted in the different regions to update leaders of the advanced strategies of marketing and provide more motivations to boost their enthusiasm. This enhances career commitments to achieve greater heights in the business. Development of camaraderie among top leaders and stockists is also its objective.


Regional Leadership Seminar

Like the BBLS, this two days, one night seminar of top leaders is also conducted in the regions of the country. The seminar is spearheaded by top leaders having the title of Imperial Diamond and higher as resource persons. This seminar provides current and aspiring leaders the full understanding of HCI business. It also recognizes the excellent performances and achievements of the distributors in their respective region.


Product Symposium and Health Seminar

This seminar is conducted by accredited Nutritional Advisory Board Members and aims to educate distributors and invited guests on the nature and health benefits of the product. The accredited doctors extensively discuss the vital roles of minerals to health and wellness. This program is coordinated with the company’s Marketing Department.


Marketing Plan Potential Seminar

This seminar discusses deeply the potentials of HCI Business. It trains leaders and Stockists of the proper ways to develop and manage big business organizations so that they will be led to the path of attaining great success.

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