VIP Eyeglass

“Your Revolutionary Eye Health Protection”


  • LENS of VIP Eyeglasses are made with tough, impact resistant, Polycarbonate material using the industries advanced technology specially designed to filter and block the blue light from natural and man-made sources.
  • LENS TINTS of VIP Eyeglasses are lightly tinted to block about 99% of Ultraviolet light and blue light with no expected color change or distortion.
  • VIP Eyeglasses have ANTI-REFLECTION and ANTI-GLARE lens COATINGS that reduce glare and reflection, its hard coating provides resistance to scratches and smudges.
  • VIP Eyeglass LENS are of INTERNATIONAL quality. Tested and Certified.
  • FRAME MATERIAL and DESIGNS of VIP Eyeglasses for adults are engineered hypoallergenic polycarbonate material that are primarily used with sport and safety glasses, for kids frames are made from graphene material that is the lightest, most flexible material thus impact on resistance and eye protection can be expected. VIP eyeglasses are available in classic with contemporary twist designs that are aesthetically pleasing, practical and lasting.
  • VIP Eyeglasses are produced using the famous Nano Technology designed to produce 1200 to 1700 health beneficial negative ions. Research and studies show the proven health benefits of negative ion, for eye health-it promotes the flow of oxygen to the eyes and brain thus preventing eye stress and problems.





  • Provides cooling and more oxygen environment around the eye area as the negative ions from the VIP eyeglass are absorbed by skin and through breathing.


  • The anion energy in the eyeglass promotes blood circulation, metabolism, improve and avoid eye diseases.

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