HCI Coffee

It has to be HCI Mineral Coffee!

Healthy and diet friendly

Korean Bamboo Salt is rich in minerals thus, have several health benefits.


Diabetic friendly

HCI Mineral Coffee uses low calorie, low glycemic load level sweetener, thus it reduces the spike on the insulin secretion and sugar levels.

Low caffeine

HCI Mineral Coffee provides the benefits of blends of arabica and robust coffee beans without high caffeine intake that causes anxiety, insomnia, rapid heart rate and high blood pressure.

Non-acidic, Alkaline, easy on your stomach

With above 7 pH level , HCI Mineral Coffee is made to for lower acidity and less discomfort on the stomach.

Rich taste and arroma

Made from high quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from the coffee rich culture of Malaysia and Vietnam. The blend between the two varieties gives a well-balanced taste of bitterness, sweetness, acidity and a coffee-chocolate flavor with fresh floral aroma.




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