One of the HCI’s corporate missions is to share health and financial freedom to every household in the country. In line with this mission, HCI finds it a social responsibility to take active, collective effort to participate in activities that uplift the lives of the less privileged sector in the society. For fourteen years in the business, HCI has engaged in several social activities to share part of the corporate earnings and contributions from the generous HCIBiz partners-our stockists and distributors to various civic and charitable institutions. The pet project, the HCI “Handog Kawanggawa” Charity Program, had reached the needy indigents of several regions through the generous efforts of the business leaders and employees every year. HCI had helped build relocation houses for illegal urban settlers; fed nutritious foods and distributed school supplies to the children from depressed areas; visited orphanages, homes for the aged and penitentiaries; and distributed relief goods to the victims of both natural and man-made calamities. All these were done in the spirit of love and charity of the caring distributors and employees.

In the coming years, we envision to institutionalize this program into a foundation that will improve our ability to administer and continue our charitable fund raising for a more organized and centralized charitable activities. We also envision that these charitable endeavors will empower our beneficiaries not only with financial or material benefits but also with the right mindset to become productive members of the society and become contributors to economic progress.

We call for support of our HCI Family to join us in our mission to uplift the lives of the less privileged and vulnerable sector of our community  through our Handog Kawanggawa Charity Programs and “Together, Let us Make Lives Better.”

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