It started with a few but dedicated people in 2004 – the year when health and wellness companies sprouted rapidly across the country.

With its flagship product, Cell Mineral Drops and a carefully-crafted marketing compensation plan, Health Code International slowly but surely took gentle strides in the nutrition supplement industry in the country and with a rising concern on health and wellness, the company introduced other food supplement products that would best complement HCI CMD and innovated personal care products with the infusion of ionic minerals in its formulae.

With the health-giving benefits that HCI CMD brings to its users and its compensation plan that really pays, people from across the country quickly piled the ranks of its loyal member- distributors.  At the close of that same year, the initial few hundred-membership swelled by the thousands.  And to make HCI CMD and HCI business more easily accessible in remote provinces, HCI management opened more stockist service centres scattered across the country.

tiff competition, legal battles, and a lot of seemingly overcoming roadblocks got in the way of HCI, in the decade that followed.  But the steadfast loyalty and unwavering commitment of its members-distributors, stockist operators, and business leaders, guided by the spirited leadership of its management, HCI was able to outdo and outlive its opposition.

This year 2018, HCI marks its fourteenth year in the industry.  That alone is a feat that a few enterprises has achieved.  To be more relevant in the market, HCI employs a new system that fast tracks business transactions with its stockists, distributors, and business leaders though the web.

Over the years, we have grown and matured as one HCI Family and with continuous improvement in the products, our system and our business opportunity plan we believe that we are more equipped and capable of realizing our vision of bringing our HCIBiz products and business opportunity to a wider market in the Philippines and even across the world.

Let is be inspired and act together to make more lives better!

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