Thank you for choosing HCIBiz. It is my pleasure to welcome you to our great HCI family. As we lay our greatest advantage, we are happy and very proud of our solid foundation. We started out as a seed; step by step we developed strong stem, sturdy roots and branches; soon to be a full-grown tree. We aim to do more than just serving our distributors but to create new dimensions in the way we work within our corporate family, persisting to strive for excellence, inspiring to deliver a good service, unlimited opportunities for growth for you to go with it. We will continue to serve and grow more. We will make more programs for improvement, make you believe that you can do the best, do better business, be stronger and stable because Health Code International is Our Home… Our Future… Thank you and HCIBiz Mabuhay!!!

Mr. Edward V. Leong
Founder & Chairman
Most Outstanding Market Leadership Awardee
2019 Global Excellence Award

Cheers to another fruitful year together! Our partnership is the force that binds us through the years. Hand-in-hand we have made our products as our tools in advancing our advocacy to promote health and wellness to all Filipinos across the globe. The business opportunity we offer has served as our paths in leading many Filipino families towards sustainable entrepreneurship and financial independence. While we have made use of technology as our engine towards efficiency, better services, and growth. For nineteen years, HCIBiz Family is growing, a testimony that we are true to this mission. We are also grateful to the people who worked with us through the years in providing our customers with quality products and efficient services. We are looking forward to meeting all the challenges that would come our way but we must treat them as opportunities to serving our market with the best of our capacity. HCIBiz is a good business platform provider for you to start your business without hassles. Together we rise up with gratitude to the Almighty and to each and everyone. Thank you and Mabuhay!

HCI Management Team

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