Travel can pay off in many ways. It makes you more creative, youthful, self-aware and productive. In this article, we are very       happy to share the 8 wonderful places we visited last summer (April 26-May 31, 2011) courtesy of Health Code International. Hustle and Bustle of Taipei, Taiwan We are very excited about our first international travel in Taiwan from April 26 to May 1, 2011. How far is it to fly between Manila,  Philippines and Taipei, Taiwan? Well, the flight distance is 985 km. Taiwan, the island off China’s mainland, is no stranger when it comes to offering fascinating attractions for tourists of all ages and varying interests. One of the highlights of the trip was visiting the Manitou Tea Farm and learning about tea picking, processing and tea tasting. The trip inspired us greater interest to learn more about Oolong teas, and to our surprise, a growing fondness for Oolong teas! Thank you for offering this opportunity to us. We love the North Coast of Taiwan lots of exciting things to see and lots to explore. Along the coast is one of the most spectacular and strangest of Taiwan’s geological wonders and natural sculptures which are both unusual and beautiful, Yeliou Geological Park. Most famous among these is the Queen’s Head, which resembles the profile of an Egyptian queen complete with crown. There were more significant places of historic interest and scenic beauty as Sun Moon Lake, Jiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Presidential Office Building, Taipei 101 Shopping Center and others. After Taipei, we got the chance to participate in various Regional Conventions and Symposiums from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

    ■    Captivating City of Legazpi, Albay (339.4 km from Manila). HCI CMD,  RADIO ON AIR!  Power.
    ■    Cauayan, Isabela at Glance (328 km from Manila). Super friends (united) stockists and distributors!
    ■    Cozy Baguio City (Cauayan to Baguio is 137.5 km).  BIG crowd of healthy senior citizen HCI CMD users!
    ■    Alluring Urdaneta City, Pangasinan. Gateway to Northern Philippines.  Exceedingly promising HCI CMD market!
    ■    Land of Promise, Davao City.  Home of incredibly smart HCI CMD distributors!
    ■    Charming Cagayan de Oro City. Hub of exceptionally enthusiastic HCI CMD leaders.
    ■    CEBU, the island of festivals and warm people. Tambuli Beach Resort our memorable escapade!

    Advices from Empire DiamondsDuring our Taipei travel, learning what the Empire Diamonds have done to achieve HCI Business success is a sound strategy. Their advices are important and are being provided to give us additional knowledge and insights into the world of HCI Business. We featured three (3) Empire Diamonds who shared extremely valuable information on how to be successful as a newbie HCI CMD distributor:

    Dr. Lilybeth Ocampo  (GMA) (Legazpi City) (Baguio City) “Don’t give up on your dreams. “Never give up, simply move on. “We are the writers and directors  Have a good learning attitude!” Dream BIG!” of our lives. Put a happy ending on our dreams!”     True enough the way to achieve BIG success is by being BIG-MINDED. HCI CMDers cannot expect to attain great rewards by thinking small. After almost one (1) year of using HCI CMD, it was then that we decided to venture on HCI Business and become HCI entrepreneurs. TODAY, we run our HCI CMD Stockiship with an INCREDIBLY monthly average turnover of over half a million pesos and increasing at lightning speed! While, combined income of the whole family is already at 5-digits. NEVER GIVE UP! LETS ALL SHARE HCI CMD NON-STOP FOR A MEANINGFUL, HAPPY AND FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT LIFE!

    Mr. and Mrs. Camba, DBA
    Mr. and Mrs. Camba, DBA
  • In sharing, there are blessings

    HCIBiz is your best choice to achieve good health and financial freedom. For a decade of using HCI health and personal care products I attained good health and experienced the goodness life can give you with its financial benefits. Sharing your experiences with the products is what convinces people to try and buy our effective and proven products. I always imply how simple HCIBiz is, always remember “in sharing, there are blessings”. Earning follows after helping people. Helping by caring, and showing to your clients the honest and right way of doing a good business is one of my key points to continue in this business. As a registered nurse turned into businessman, I share my knowledge and experience to everyone who wants to know more about HCIBiz and most importantly how our products can help them in their health and wellness. Everyone should realize that we do HCIBiz because we want to help, not just earn money and luxuries in life and as my mentors always tell me, ask God to guide you and give you good heart and He will lead you to success in life.

    John Carlo Wee, RN
    John Carlo Wee, RN
  • Financial difficulties no more!

    I am very proud as a teacher with 17 long years experience in Isabela. I had worked hard with all my talents and skills knowing that I will become financially stable as a teacher, but I experienced financial difficulties in life.

    I am blessed and my family that we have known HCIBiz, I had given all my dedication in doing my responsibilities as an independent Distributor - Thank God in the period of 2 years I was able to reach Empire Diamond and became a member of the Elite Club. Now I can say that we are on the road of financial stability.

    As a result, my wife is already a consistent Imperial Diamond and also a member of the Elite Club, my two sons are on Crown Diamond Position. I resign as public school teacher and now all of us are working full time as HCIBiz Distributor. Therefore we can say that HCI business can change lives for the better. Mabuhay ang HCIBiz!

    Carlos Aggabao
    Carlos Aggabao
  • I'm the boss of my own business

    In the past 12 months I experienced earning more than what I used to have when I was an accountant in the corporate world, working 8 to 10 hours a day. With an additional benefit of having less pressure because now I'm the boss of my own business, this gives me more time with my family. I know that my dreams will soon come to a reality and this gives me the reason to continuously strive to achieve more and do good with HCI Biz. I would like to thank HCI-CMD for being a great tool of God's blessing to me, my family and the people who had tried and experienced the greatness of what HCI product can do in their lives.

    Richard S. Ocaya, CPA
    Richard S. Ocaya, CPA
  • “Hindi ako napapagod at kahit walang tulog still energized parin at kahit wala kang kain hindi ka gugutumin basta may CBF ka. Complete food na sya at super ganda kasi mas lalong na enhance ang endurance level ko! POWER!”

    Eleazar "Tata" Malubay
  • “I tried CBF for a month and I noticed that I did not get hungry easily and it provided me extra energy. I felt invigorated despite the hectic schedules and lack of sleep. I would like to continue using it together with HCI CMD.”

    Dr. Lilybeth Ocampo - Baguio
    Dr. Lilybeth Ocampo - Baguio
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