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“Let the revitalizing and nourishing minerals infused in our personal care products give a remarkable change onto your skin and into yourself…”

Alloria All Day Facial Cream

Worried about those dark and age spots on your face?   The unique blend of fruit extacts, stem cell and ionic minerals is proven to give the effect of moisturizing, whitening and tightening of skin, it actually prevents the oxidation of the skin cells and protects the skin from microbes.  That is why Alloria All Day Facial Cream is best to use day and night to prevent skin aging and promote skin regeneration.

Alloria Hand and Body Lotion

Keeping your skin soft and smooth becomes an easy task because of Alloria Hand and Body Lotion.  The richness of vitamins in its formulation makes this lotion an excellent remedy for rough and dry skin, added to it is Songyi Mushroom extracts that brightens the skin and Aloe Vera extracts that nurture healing and gives moisturizing properties, most importantly, natural ionic minerals penetrated underneath the skin to promote skin cells regeneration.

Alloria Mineral Beauty Soap

Interspersed with natural apricot and walnut scrub that give a gentle exfoliating effect and songyi mushroom extracts that makes the skin lighter, Alloria Skin Beauty Soap is enriched with minerals essence that promotes skin cell growth and regeneration, it also protects and helps the skin from oxidative damages.

Alloria Mineral Shampoo

When it comes to taking care of your scalp Alloria Shampoo is the best alternative to commercial shampoos, the natural ingredients like Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera Extract make it an effective remedy to treat dandruff and promote hair-growth.  Adding ionic minerals revitalizes every hard strand making it healthy and bouncy the whole day.


Your regular oral hygiene protection for your teeth and gums. The addition of activated Bamboo Charcoal and minerals in its unique formulation gives a triple action that protects the mouth against cavities and plaque and bacteria, a fresher breath gives you the confidence round the clock. Alloria CM3 toothpaste helps protect the enamel and efficiently removes stains on the teeth giving you a whiter and brighter smile.

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