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This grand event, organized by regional stockists and HCI, commemorates the strong partnership with MRI and the leaders and distributors. Convention recognizes the performances and achievements of distributors, leaders and stockists. It awards recognitions to top stockists, leaders, and distributors. It also announces the future plans, strategies and additional incentives of the company to prepare the members for the goals ahead.

Regional Convention

A grand event organized by regional stockists with the company’s assistance and support. It is a gathering of the region’s top leaders and distributors. The regional stockist takes the opportunity to communicate to her constituents in one group so the network could discuss better marketing strategies suited to the region. The regional stockist also takes this opportunity to thank the leaders and distributors for their continuous support, loyalty and dedication to help sustain the HCI business by awarding rewards and incentives to motivate them more.

National Convention

It is a once a year grand celebration consisting of HCI and MRI executives, special guests, regional stockists and selected top distributors. It is the grandest gathering of elites. This convention treats the achievers for their exemplary performances throughout the year. It showcases the highlights of various activities conducted through the year. Likewise, honorable recognitions are accorded to the top achievers among the elite group.

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