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Business Opportunity Meeting

A basic seminar that gives information about the company, the product and the marketing plans. It explains to a greater scope the advantages and opportunities of becoming an Independent Business Distributor (IBD).

Home Party System

This is a program that teaches the importance and advantages of home based presentations. This program yields a higher percentage of sales and services through the referrals coming from families and friends. Sharing the business establishes immediate retailing opportunity in the locality. “Increase the Quality & Quantity of performance”.

Distributors’ Training Program (Indepth)

This program provides a full package of trainings and motivational seminars to the newly registered distributors. This harnesses them in their climb to the HCI’s marketing career ladder. This program started in HCI’s maiden year and is one of the longest running training programs.

Speakers’ Training Program

This program is conducted in the regional area and is organized by the Official Regional Stockist. This program provides training to the leaders aspiring to become trainers. It touches on basic public speaking, BOM presentation and basic marketing skills.

Media Mileage Program

Regional and city stockists invest in the promotion of MRI products and HCI business opportunities through local print and broadcast media. HCI sends members of the Health and Nutritional Advisory Board to provide free on-the-air consultations where listeners can phone in their concerns or visit the broadcast station as live audiences. This program aims to reach out to a wider range of audience especially those who reside in far flung areas. Interaction is often done using the local dialect.

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